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    ‘The Lion King’ has the makings of an entire Star Wars-inspired movie franchise, says Disney boss

    It seems that the management of Disney is haunted by the extremely successful performance of the animated film “The Lion King”. The picture was released in 2019 and became the most successful reboot of the hits of the past, offering $ 1 billion in box office receipts. According to company president Sean Bailey, The Lion King has all the makings to become a long-running Star Wars franchise.

    The Disney executive, speaking to The New York Times, noted The Lion King’s incredible flexibility for the format and the huge scope for developing his ideas in the story plane. In his opinion, this project deserves more than one film. Sean Bailey does not rule out that in the future the company may give the go-ahead for a direct sequel, but the main criterion remains and always will be a worthy story.

    As the president of Disney explained, he would like to see the development of the franchise “The Lion King” only the name on the hands of a quality story and a story that explains the need for the continuation itself. He believes there is still plenty of room to work, so it needs to bring in talented creators to continue.

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