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    The Horizon Series Is Just Getting Started – Developers Have Many More Plans

    Guerrilla Games claims that the Horizon series “will continue for a very long time” and the developer has 16 “plans” in store.

    When the Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West was released in April, fans suspected that this was not the end of Aloy’s story. In May, studio director Jan-Bart van Beek confirmed that Aloy’s adventures would continue.

    However, van Beek hopes that the Horizon universe will expand with more than just one more game: during an appearance at Develop:Brighton, he revealed that the studio currently has about 16 plans, including future parts. “We’re going to continue this game for a very long time,” he continues.

    “As you probably already know, we’re also going to be working on a multiplayer game,” says van Beek, possibly referring to the rumored MMO Horizon in 2021. Rumors resurfaced last year after a new report surfaced that Sony was partnering with South Korean developer NCSoft Corporation to build it.

    Van Beek describes working on the upcoming multiplayer co-op game as “another massive shift for the studio, much like working on the first Horizon.” “Creating a two-player game is a whole new challenge for the studio,” he elaborates, adding that the team is looking forward to getting started on the project.

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