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    The headless rebel attacked the guard: the player found a unique bug in Skyrim

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a treasure trove of bugs, some of which continue to be found ten years after release. One such mistake was discovered by a Reddit forum visitor under the pseudonym BigFrog200. In the opening, he saw the decapitated rebel rise to his feet and attack the Imperials.

    The player showed a bug in the video. Skyrim fans know that the plot begins with the execution of the protagonist along with the Stormcloaks. The protagonist and the rebels were brought to the place of sentencing in Helgen, but the sudden appearance of Alduin ruined the plans of the Imperials.

    Before the dragon arrives, the player is shown how one of the rebels is decapitated. And it is with this soldier that the mistake is connected. After death, he rose to his feet and attacked the guards. When the rebel was finally killed, the Imperials did not stop. They dealt several blows to the Stormcloaks, as a bug caused them to be mistaken for normal enemies and not story characters.

    As noted in the comments on Reddit, the cause of such uniform chaos could be modifications that make changes to the program code. Several actions start running at the same time and a failure occurs. And now the execution was imposed on the command to attack the guards.

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