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    The gamer wanted to make money on the game, but in the end he himself lost 50 thousand rubles

    The police of the Kirov region told about an unusual case of fraud. The man was playing strategy and in the game chat received an offer to sell his account for 100 thousand rubles. This amount seemed attractive to him, so he continued to communicate with a potential buyer in one of the messengers.

    The buyer insisted that the transaction should be carried out through a third party – for example, a familiar seller. How this could secure the sale, he did not explain. The seller agreed and offered to transfer the money to his friend. After some time, this friend wrote to the gamer and said that 100 thousand rubles had come to the account, but he would transfer them after receiving a commission of 50 thousand rubles. Even with this amount of remuneration, the deal seemed profitable to the seller, but he did not have the required money, so he transferred only a part, and his wife added the rest. After that, communication with the “friend”-intermediary and the “buyer” stopped, they no longer got in touch.

    The screwed-up gamer called a friend, who said he hadn’t corresponded with anyone about the sale, hadn’t received any money, and hadn’t asked for a brokerage fee. The man turned to the police, who opened a case under Art. 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“Fraud”) and is now engaged in the search for the alleged criminal.

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