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    The gameplay of the medieval city-building simulator Farthest Frontier in Russian

    Before release Farthest Frontier there are less than 2 weeks left in early access, and if for some reason you haven’t seen the gameplay of the strategy, then the company Crate Entertainment gathered a whole list of quite influential people on You Tube who had the opportunity to play the game before its August release. Of course, from the entire list, the first glance of the Russian-speaking reviewer is of the greatest interest. The voice of the announcer is quite pleasant, and the game already has Russian subtitles and a translated interface.

    The player will have to develop a tiny settlement into a large medieval city. Mobilize your population to perform various jobs (cutting trees, mining clay and metal ores, beekeeping and collecting various herbs). No worker wants to contribute to society if he works on an empty stomach, so keep a varied diet: fish, game, agricultural products … At first, it is food from the fields that can best satisfy the ever-increasing appetites of rural residents . An advanced system of field work will not let your peasants get bored, because. they will have to monitor weather changes (drought, frost) and the level of soil fertility. Part of the things obtained by honest labor will go on sale.

    One of the nice features Farthest Frontier is a fully customizable gameplay. Random map generation will randomize the terrain and resources on the lots. You can customize the difficulty to your taste (from a relaxing, almost meditative settlement development simulator to a very hard mode with diseases and enemy invasions). All in your hands!

    The project will appear in early access on PC on August 9th.

    As seen on PlayGround

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