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    The fourth beta testing of the multiplayer sci-fi shooter Dysterra starts on August 29

    South Korean publisher Kakao Games and Dutch developer Reality MagiQ have announced the fourth beta testing of their multiplayer sci-fi shooter Dysterra, which will begin on August 29, 2022 and will be available for PC on Steam, ending on September 4.

    In honor of the fourth beta testing of Dysterra, players will also receive a special gift. During the test period, players can receive a special limited skin by tuning in to any Dysterra stream that triggers the drop.

    Dysterra is a large-scale online survival game in a dystopian setting that combines a fast-paced shooter, high-quality graphics, and intense survival mechanics. In this test, players can test out the new female characters and the various weapons that have been added. The beta also expands the game with new regions and bosses, and adds an integrated ranking system that rewards survivors.

    Along with these additions, there have also been many improvements in other areas. Depending on the type and material of the bullet, different sound effects have been applied for a more realistic sound reproduction. Weapon movement while aiming, reloading, and moving has also been improved. In addition, server optimization will now be done based on stability tests to provide the best gaming experience for all players.

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