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    The first hour of Stray’s feline cyberpunk gameplay

    There are still a few hours left before the PC release of cat days in cyberank city, but some console players can already enjoy the game and the user showed an hour of gameplay from the beginning of Stray.

    The third-person cat adventure is already gaining momentum in the gaming community, especially with its cute mechanics and cybernetic environments. The game received good preliminary reviews from the press, and at the moment the adventures of the cat is the best-selling game on Steam, given that it is currently only available for pre-orders.

    Players take on the role of a stray cat who must uncover an ancient secret in order to escape from a long forgotten cyber city amidst the detailed neon alleyways and gloomy surroundings of its filthy alleys.

    The creators have gone beyond virtual entertainment and organized a charity event in cooperation with the animal shelter and launched into production cat themed backpack

    As seen on PlayGround

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