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    The first details of the plot of “Joker 2” indicate that the main action of the film will take place in the psychiatric hospital Arkham

    The first details of the plot of “Joker 2” have appeared – they say that the plot of the upcoming DC movie will be connected with the stay of the titular villain in the Arkham mental hospital. The sequel to Todd Phillips’ dark drama has already been confirmed to see Joaquin Phoenix reprise his Oscar-winning role as Arthur Fleck.

    At the end of the 2019 film, Arthur was admitted to Gotham City Psychiatric Hospital. However, moments before the credits begin, he kills the doctor treating him and then leaves. If The Wrap’s message turns out to be true, it looks like he didn’t manage to escape, as the movie will mostly take place within the walls of the infamous establishment.

    Considering the film’s working title is “Joker: Folie à Deux”, which is a clinical term for “one psychosis for two”, the hallucinations and delusions of two people, the setting is not surprising. This also matches reports that Lady Gaga will play Harley Quinn, whom the clown first meets in Arkham.

    The film is slated for release on October 4, 2024, so we’ll still have to wait a bit before we see Warner Bros. and DC are gearing up with a sequel to the movie.

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