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    The first 10 minutes of gameplay of the Resident Evil 4 demake

    If you’ve ever wondered what Resident Evil 4 for PS1 would look like, then this fan-made remake is what you need.

    The mod is still in its early stages, but it already looks really authentic to 1998 Resident Evil, and the best part is that it’s actually meant to be played on “any system that can run PlayStation 1 games.” A lot of demakes are just for fun and not really meant to be played, so it’s nice to know that one day we’ll actually be able to play this version. However, its talented creator, Biohazard EspaƱa, says that “the future of this project is yet to be determined.”

    The most impressive thing is that the mod has only been in development for less than a month. On Twitter, the developer explains that this is not a remake of the original game, but rather a unique version that represents what Resident Evil 4 could have looked like had it been developed in the PS1 era. That’s why you’ll notice big changes, like the third-person view being replaced with a fixed-camera perspective like the old Resident Evil games.

    Whether we play it one day or not, it’s still ridiculously cool to see someone bring modern Resident Evil games back to their roots. Plus, there’s something about the visually limiting camera angles, the sparse sound effects, and the muffled thud of footsteps on the ground that add to the tension of even just looking at a computer screen.

    As seen on PlayGround

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