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    The final gameplay trailer for the canine space adventure Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home has been unveiled

    It’s less than one week until the doggy space adventure Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home releases on November 3 for PC and Nintendo Switch. The developers have published a new gameplay trailer.

    In this 2.5D platform game, we relive the story of a dog named Bea, sent into space, who, along with the players, has epic adventures and encounters many more and more friendly creatures from space.

    Bea is not a superdog. She doesn’t have any superhuman—or, to be more precise, supercanine—powers. Like any other dog, she can only rely on her senses: smell, sight and hearing. These are the basics of a mechanic called “detective mode” that will help her get to her destination and protect her from danger.

    During her journey, Bea will encounter many aliens. Some of them will be friendly, others will treat Bea as a danger. You can interact with the creatures and communicate through a dialog system based on the behavior of the dog to create a connection, find a common language and help each other. However, you need to be very careful, because every action will have its own consequences.

    Traveling through different worlds, Bea befriends two creatures: Comet Rose and the robot 8088Y. They will accompany her throughout almost the entire game, helping to solve puzzles and saving her from trouble, and in the end influence the outcome of the game. Each companion has unique abilities that the player will have to use at the most difficult moment of the game.

    As seen on PlayGround

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