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    The famous meme video from CS “The door is jammed!” may be removed due to copyright

    One of the most famous Counter-Strike 1.6 videos may soon be removed from YouTube due to copyright. The 35-second video has been a running joke in the CS scene ever since it was posted in 2007, and there’s even a CS:GO spray dedicated to it.

    The clip features two players running around the map, one brandishing a knife, and a teammate reciting Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” in voice chat. Following him and brandishing a knife, the author of the video blocks the door to the second. Repchinsky begins to lose his mind and screams, “Ahh. I tried to go through the door, man. I can’t get through, I can’t get through, this crap is stuck. Get out of here, son! The door is stuck! The door is stuck! Please! I’m begging you! We’re finished!” You are a real cocksucker!” Both will end up being killed by the grenade, but not before this dude stuck in the door kills one.

    Later, on Reddit, the author of the video Kinetik001 will share the details of the situation. They say he was testing a program for recording, and was in last place in terms of kills, and the guy he pissed off was a skill player. However, over time, Kinetic began to cut the dude, because he constantly read the speech, and this made him nervous. Then that moment happened.

    However, now, after almost 24 million views, a certain Bob Thicke began to claim copyright. He says that the audio in the video is his content. In his statement, KinetiK001 says that the plaintiff is an copyright troll who had already re-uploaded and monetized the video while KinetiK filed appeals. Such things are widespread on YouTube. Another user determined that this is not the first time this troll’s account has been doing this.

    This is nothing really new, just another example of how mean people and automated systems have turned YouTube into a cesspool with copyright complaints and monetized video revenue theft.

    If YouTube does not return the rights to the video and monetization to Kinetics, the video will be deleted. The last attempt to file an appeal is August 23.

    As seen on PlayGround

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