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    The EU passed a bill obliging Apple to allow the installation of third-party applications on iOS

    The European Parliament has adopted two new bills. The first is about digital markets (Digital Markets Act) and the second is about digital services (Digital Services Act). Lawmakers will oblige companies to allow the installation of third-party applications on their own devices, including the iPhone.

    Based on them, regulators are going to introduce new conditions for technology companies. Non-compliance will be punishable by a fine of 10% to 20% of annual revenue.

    Now, in order not to fall under fines, companies will be required to:

    • Allow installation of apps from third-party sources (including app stores).
    • Allow users to uninstall pre-installed apps.
    • Allow developers to use third-party payment systems.
    • Do not use data received from developers to fight competitors.

    The Digital Markets Law will come into effect in July and the Digital Services Law in September this year. Companies will be required to implement the functions within six months from the date the regulations come into force.

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