The End of the World: Top 10 Tech Trends


You probably won’t survive 2024... Top 10 Tech Trends

Top 10 Tech Trends for 2024

State of the Job Market

2023 witnessed massive tech layoffs, but the job market is showing signs of recovery going into 2024. Openings are up 13.8%, indicating a potential improvement. However, high-interest rates and economic uncertainty pose challenges.

Rise of Bitcoin

Bitcoin’s price soared from 16k to 40k, hinting at a possible end to the crypto winter. Speculations suggest a potential rise to 69k, triggering a flood of memes and FOMO.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The release of Apple Vision Pro in 2024 could drive the adoption of VR, potentially creating new opportunities for app developers. However, skepticism remains about mass consumer adoption due to the high price point.

The End of the World: Top 10 Tech Trends

Microsoft and AWS Chip Production

Microsoft and AWS venturing into chip production, particularly for AI and general-purpose use, may disrupt the dominance of x86 architecture in PCs and laptops. This shift could impact the gaming industry and cloud computing.

Unreal Engine and Legal Battles

Unreal Engine’s legal battles with Apple and Google may have significant implications for Indie developers, potentially challenging the dominant app store fee structure.

Evolution of Web Development

Web development is witnessing a shift towards AI-driven coding tools, possibly leading to a new landscape of specialized AI-powered development frameworks in the next decade.

Mobile App Development

The trend of reluctance to download mobile apps has persisted. However, cross-platform development tools with drag-and-drop interfaces indicate a potential shift in the development landscape.

Low-Level Systems Languages

Languages like Rust and Zig are gaining momentum, with Rust code even being integrated into the Linux Kernel. The emergence of accessible yet high-performing languages like Mojo could impact AI and machine learning development.

The End of the World: Top 10 Tech Trends

AI Advancements

AI continues to expand its influence in various industries, from text-to-video models to the possibility of achieving artificial general intelligence. The implications of AGI, if achieved, are profound and confront humanity with both promises and perils.

Despite the uncertainties and rapid changes in the tech landscape, the potential for innovation and progress remains palpable. As the future hurtles toward us with unprecedented speed, it is crucial to navigate through these trends with cautious optimism and a keen eye on the evolving technological ecosystem.

The End of the World: Top 10 Tech Trends