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    The eighth Polestar Expedition kicks off today in No Man’s Sky

    One week after No Man’s Sky updated cargo ships in the Endurance update, today starts the eighth expedition – Polestar. It is also released with update 3.97, which fixes a lot of bugs.

    But first, let’s look at Polestar, which, at first glance, is fundamentally different from the seventh expedition. Instead of the roguelike-inspired mechanics of the previous Expedition, Polestar feels like a return to a more narrative-focused adventure in which travelers “go on an interstellar cruise as the captain of a heavy freighter, navigating the galaxy on their metal fortress.”

    Polestar will start with players repairing a cargo ship and then moving on to investigate what happened and why your ship is stuck in the middle of outer space. Like previous expeditions, Polestar will last six weeks.

    In addition to the expedition, update 3.97 is released today, which fixes many bugs. Crashes related to base building, cargo ship loading screens, and PSVR users have been fixed, and broken teleports from unowned cargo ships should now work as expected. In addition, new community exploration missions have been added to the Nexus to unlock the Antimatter, Gold, and Hadal Freighter Trail cosmetic items.

    Expedition and Update 3.97 for No Man’s Sky 3.97 release today on all platforms.

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