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    The Dominate and Obey event is now live!

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    Sometimes, a little pain and pleasure are the perfect combination for a great night!today Domination and Submission Events Already started, join us to celebrate a variety of different BDSM related experiences😈⛓😳

    During the event, you can get some great deals Limited Time Bonus Package, which includes tons of extra gold rewards that give you more bang for your buck. Join some of your favorite free games and enjoy all kinds of fun, hentai BDSM-themed activities. With a huge selection of the highest paying games available at discounted prices for a limited time, they are sure to win your heart.

    access Domination and Submission Events Page Check out all the amazing happenings in all the free games and check out a selection of special premium games. The event will run from July 28 to August 2, 2022.

    Nutaku-tan breaks the whip and chains

    Nutaku-tan artwork as dominatrix

    Nutaku-tan has some extra special arts Domination and Submission Events.

    Nutaku-tan looks sexy, confident and commanding in a classic black leather dominatrix suit. Black gloves, cute collars, bodysuits, black knee high heels… Nutaku-tan is here to completely conquer you in every way. For the occasion, she also swapped out her classic colored headphones for a pair of darker shades. Are you ready to adore the ground she walks on?

    This beautiful new outfit is known in the BDSM community as the Fetish Fashion outfit. More specifically, Fetish Fashion clothing is clothing not normally worn by the general public, usually for sexual purposes, and focused on presenting a person in an erotic and sensual way.

    Leather is often a popular trope for BDSM because it reinforces confidence and a rude attitude. Outside of the BDSM community, you’ll also see leather dominating biker culture, with members wearing leather to represent their brand or club. Although bikers and fetishists are very different cultures, leather represents a very similar idea of ​​”domination” in both groups.

    Gloves worn by Nutaku-tan are also an important part of the costume. Dominatrixes often wear gloves to represent femininity. By mixing images of femininity and dominance, you get an intoxicating combination of erotic control that is often at the heart of BDSM foreplay. Through role-playing, sadists use a variety of practices (verbal commands, control, etc.) and tools (whips, ropes, etc.) to explore control, affirmation, and empowerment with a willing partner.

    Nutaku-tan is bonded and loved every moment

    Nutakutan in submissive position

    Nutaku-tan is definitely poetic, which means she likes it both ways, and sometimes really wants to be completely submissive and give the reigns to her master.

    for Domination and Submission Events Nutaku-tan wants to explore her submissive side with a day of rope bondage.

    Shibari, a form of rope bondage that originated in Japan, is a perverted bondage game in which submissive partners will be tied in intricate rope patterns that restrict their movement. Shibari, also known as Kinbaku, hails from Japan and has gained worldwide popularity due to the joyful and meticulous art associated with it in BDSM. More specifically, Shibari Knots are not random, but are located at various pressure points on the body, creating tension and pleasure for the individual. When BDSM practice is properly mixed with sex and erotic games, Shibari can provide considerable power to dominant partners and great satisfaction to submissive partners.

    Nutaku-tan is in the classic Shibari pose with her ankles tied to her arms with red rope through multiple knots. She is suspended in the air in a form similar to a scorpion pose.

    Nutaku-tan's Subscriber Rewards

    Subscribers with an active Nutaku Gold Recharge subscription plan will gain exclusive access to alternate partially nude versions of the artwork to use as device wallpaper…or just to look!

    A link to the artwork will be emailed to all email notification set up.

    Not a subscriber yet?Check our available planswhich includes full access to exclusive digital goods!

    Featured Events in Free Games

    period Domination and Submission Events There are some great BDSM themed in-game deals, exclusives, promotions, skins and more! Here are a few games that we think have some great in-game content, because we celebrate all things wacky!

    Fap CEO role in submissive position

    president There’s some amazing new perverted content in their hits, like brand new animations for Sara and Lisa and a new legendary outfit for Lisa. Join the lascivious dungeon of lust and complete unique quests for enviable and coveted rewards. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the Cat Thief Mask in the Special Event Chest for a unique surprise!

    Shelter in submissive position69 characters

    shelter 69 Joining the BDSM celebration with the new Salacious Subjugation event. Help Lady Judith work her way through the dungeons to conquer and complete quests to unlock new time-limited rewards and unique sexy story scenes. There will also be new unique bundles launching every 48 hours during the event, containing amazing goodies like legendary weapons, epic champions, character-specific chests, and more. Don’t forget to spend your event points to unlock extra rewards in the store!

    sexy exile character in latex

    sexy exile There’s a great ongoing event that includes some spicy BDSM clothing, dirty animations, and a brand new deal called the Domina Package. This new offer includes a variety of hentai-themed content, including new events, popular animations, and new stickers for Marierose, Anaela, and Mayu.

    See what’s happening by visiting Domination and Submission Events Page!

    Best Anime Games and Hentai Games

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