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    The director of the new “Mission Impossible” wanted to rejuvenate Tom Cruise, but felt that it would be too distracting for the viewer

    As it turns out, director Chris McQuarrie wanted to follow the path of the creators of Indiana Jones and the Wheel of Fate and start the story in Mission: Impossible: Deadly Reckoning with a flashback that sends the viewer back to 1989 with a young Ethan Hunt.

    Initially, there was a whole scene at the beginning of the film, the action of which took place in 1989, McQuarrie told GamesRadar +, “We considered the use of rejuvenation technology.”

    One of the important things in [замедлении старения], which I paid attention to during the study, is an emotional swing, when everything seems to be plausible, and then you look closely and realize that something is not right. I never caught myself thinking that I was really following history. I looked at the young actor and did not recognize in him a man whom I had known for a long time.

    As a result, McQuarrie decided to abandon the idea of ​​​​rejuvenating Tom Cruise, so as not to embarrass the audience once again. However, the actor himself, who is now 61 years old, feels great and even performed the most dangerous stunts in the film on his own. It will be possible to evaluate the result already from July 13, when Mission Impossible: Deadly Reckoning will go to storm cinemas.

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