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    The development of the new Wolfenstein is not underway, the studio is fully occupied with the game about Indiana Jones

    Fans of the Wolfenstein shooter series starring William Blazkowicz won’t see a sequel anytime soon. The MachineGames studio responsible for the last installments of the franchise is now completely focused on another project. All developers are involved in the active production of the Indiana Jones game.

    Rumors about the possible development of a new part of Wolfenstein appeared before the start of E3 2022. Some insiders claimed that Wolfenstein III could be announced as part of the Xbox conference, as it turned out, no one is currently engaged in a series of shooters. According to reliable insider bogorad222, MachineGames has other priorities. An insider was personally interested in the fate of the continuation of one of the developers. He was assured that the development of the new Wolfenstein is not yet underway and there are no plans for it either.

    An Indiana Jones game has been in development for several years now. If we see a sequel to Wolfenstein, it won’t happen before the release of the adventure game.

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