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    The developers of Tomb Raider confirmed the leak of details of the new game

    It looks like a new game in the Tomb Raider series codenamed “Project Jawbreaker” is real and the recent a leak was true. The authenticity of the information about the setting and some plot details of the project was confirmed by the developers themselves from the Crystal Dynamics studio. Representatives of the team by the author have filed a complaint against the authors of the leak and are calling for the removal of published information from open sources.

    Crystal Dynamics has filed a DMCA request for insiders who have declassified the first details of the new Tomb Raider. This was told by one of the authors of the leak – Colin Moriarty in a small report. According to him, he was approached by the administration of Patreon, where he posts content, demanding that all references to Tomb Raider be removed. Most likely, the complaint was sent to other sites.

    Moriarty emphasized that he made the information public out of good intentions. He did not break the law and did not break into the office of Crystal Dynamics. The leak was based on fairly open sources. The insider said that he was not going to remove the Tomb Raider leak until he was forced to do so.

    According to an insider from Colin Moriartia, the new Lara Croft game will introduce players to an already more experienced protagonist. Now she seeks to protect the artifacts of ancient civilizations and leads a small group of like-minded people.

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