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    The developers of God of War Ragnarok explained the five modes of difficulty in the game

    Studio Santa Monica gave some insight into the difficulty modes of God of War Ragnarok in the Discord Q&A section. Unlike 2018’s God of War, the game has five difficulty modes, with the new addition being a cross between a story mode and a balanced mode. As a reminder, the previous installment was accompanied by the “Give me a story”, “Give me a balanced experience”, “Give me a challenge” and “Give me God of War” modes.

    The difficulty modes of God of War Ragnarok have been changed.

    God of War Ragnarok has the following difficulty modes:

    • give me a story
    • give me mercy
    • give me balance
    • Give me no mercy
    • Give me god of war

    While “Give Me No Mercy” is similar to “Give Me Challenge” from God of War 2018, “Give Me Mercy” – the new mode – should be more forgiving than Balance Mode, as enemies won’t attack players as often. The developers have made some adjustments to this mode that help players manage their camera angles so they don’t have to worry about enemies attacking them from different angles.

    In general, the higher difficulty levels have been tweaked to make the enemies smarter and “smarter”. This time around, players will be able to opt out of Give Me God of War if they find the mode too difficult. However, they won’t be able to return to him if they change their mind.

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