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    The developers of Diablo 4 spoke about the sources of inspiration for the visual transformation of the game in the first season

    The first season of the action role-playing game Diablo 4 will be launched very soon, which will mark a massive change in the in-game world. Gloomy Sanctuary will become an even more terrible place, where demons from the underworld will overcome a terrible plague. In a recent interview, game developers from Blizzard Entertainment studio revealed what inspired them to make such an unusual transformation of the game.

    According to the developers, in the first season of Diablo 4 they want to show how disgusting the infection can be. A plague that consumes even the strongest demons, should match the dark tone of the original game and in some places even surpass it. The authors of the game want to show the “vile nature” of the impending corruption, so they visually changed many aspects of the game, from monsters to dungeons.

    The plague is a vile manifestation of hatred that oozes and pulses with mucus and spreads its tentacles everywhere.

    When the developers created the infected creatures and locations for the first season, they wanted to depict the vile essence of the plague phenomenon in it, as a special infection that is slowly spreading throughout the world. To do this, they tried to make the new dungeons as “nasty” as possible from a visual point of view. Their very appearance should evoke an unbearable smell and feel among players, according to Blizzard. The art team drew inspiration from some of the dungeons that were still in the base game but had undergone “nightmare” changes.

    The first season of Diablo 4 will be available to play on July 20 on all platforms.

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