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    The developers announced two new events in PUBG

    The developers of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS have announced a couple of new events in honor of the release of patch 18.2 with the Deston map in the game. Both events will last from 13 to 27 July.

    As part of the first event, players need to log into the PUBG client daily and follow the banner in the lobby to the event page. At the first click on the link, the user will be given a temporary (for 3 days) skin “Summer Surf – Mini14”. In order to turn it into a permanent one, you need to check in every day on the event page so that the health counter never drops to zero (every day, if you don’t check in, one health unit is removed).

    As part of the second event (it is activated using the same banner in the lobby), users must play PUBG for at least 30 minutes every day. For this, 10 points are awarded daily (20 on Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Points can be redeemed for the following rewards

    • 40 points – 10 smuggling coupons (once per account)
    • 40 points – Victory Dance 93 (once per account)
    • 40 points – Tied Baseball Jersey (once per account)
    • 20 points – One health point for the 1st event (four times per account)

    If you spend 120 points in total, you can get a bonus reward – the Flora Button-Up Set. More information about the events is available at PUBG official website.

    As seen on PlayGround

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