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    The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR Coming February 2023 for PlayStation VR2

    Supermassive Games has announced the release date for The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR spin-off, which will be available starting February 22, 2023.

    Thus, the story of Until Dawn: Rush of Blood, which launched simultaneously with the launch of PlayStation VR, repeats itself.

    “Immerse yourself in this fast-paced, on-rails horror shooter where every move can mean the difference between life and death!” reads the game’s official synopsis on the PlayStation Store. “Feel the thrill of the most terrifying virtual reality rail shooter, enhanced with innovative PlayStation VR2 features and set in the sinister world of The Dark Pictures Anthology series.”

    Building heavily on the first season of The Dark Pictures Anthology, Switchback VR will use eye-tracking technology, haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and enhanced vibration to immerse us in a truly immersive experience.

    As seen on PlayGround

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