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    The creators of Vampyr and Life is Strange showed 30 minutes of gameplay of their new project – Jusant

    An experienced development team from DON’T NOD studio, which has become famous thanks to the Life is Strange series, Remember Me, Vampyr and other projects, held a detailed demonstration of their next project. Right now they are working on Jusant, an addictive puzzle action game with a meditative atmosphere. The new publication DON’T NOD allows you to evaluate the features of the gameplay in the 30-minute gameplay of the project.

    DON’T NOD lead designer Sophian Saheb, along with tester Baptiste Quinkisa, showed off their one of the Jusant sites and also shared some thoughts on creating such a project. According to the developers, their project will be a completely new interpretation of the puzzle genre. Jusant will focus on a meditative adventure that is closely intertwined with the constant conquest of a huge tower with the help of climbing tools. Players have to overcome many challenges, find their own way to the top and discover the secrets of this structure.

    Jusant promises to be released this year on PC and consoles. You can try out the unusual action-puzzle right now with the demo on Steam.

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