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    The creators of Unrecord are expanding the staff to help create a realistic shooter

    How is the development of Unrecord, a realistic shooter with a body camera perspective, coming along? DRAMA, the French studio behind this project, informs us that they have opened up a lot of positions for talented professionals and industry experts interested in contributing to the realization of this game.

    “We’re a small studio based in Rennes, France, working on our first video game, Unrecord,” developers at Transalpine begin, but then add that “our team is committed to redefining video game entertainment using the tools built into Unreal Engine 5″. DRAMA is committed to creating an extremely ambitious and engaging game for gamers.”

    At the time of writing, DRAMA is looking for industry professionals to join the Unrecord development team for the roles of Lead Programmer, Gameplay Programmer, AI Programmer, Level Designer, Technical Artist and Technical Animator.

    Since the presentation of Unrecord, the new DRAMA shooter has conquered the first pages of gaming sites and forums thanks to the realistic game scenes, so much so that many considered what the developers showed was not true. However, thanks to the fact that IGN journalists found an old concept demo of Unrecord on Unreal Engine, we know that the project is not fake at all.

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