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    The creators of The Elder Scrolls Online have finally made life easier for newcomers to the game

    The developers of the popular MMORPG game The Elder Scrolls Online took more than one year to realize the most important request of their players. After numerous messages from players, ZeniMax Online studio has finally decided to revise the quest system of the game. Along with the release of the 39th update for The Elder Scrolls Online, the game should become much friendlier and more understandable for newcomers.

    The latest major update for The Elder Scrolls Online brings to the game a lot of fixes for various errors and a number of changes. As the developers themselves note, the main innovation of the update was an improved task system. To help new players and improve gameplay for long-time fans, the team has made many changes to reduce the volume and frequency of quest choices presented to players in early content. From now on, story missions and quests from guilds will be given out to games gradually, so as not to burden the players and make character development more understandable for new users.

    This update also introduces a new system that uses Tamriel’s navigators: NPCs that move players between important destinations for free. Tracked quests (active or inactive) will now indicate if these navigators can take you where you need to go. Update 39 also includes the addition of new weekly and daily quest types, giving you more ways to earn valuable rewards.

    All changes in the new update for The Elder Scrolls Online:

    • Improved inventory with a cleaner interface.
    • Added a new death notification system during your PvP encounters in Cyrodiil, the Imperial City, and on the battlefields.
    • New PvP Rewards.
    • New buildings
    • New furniture
    • Added the ability to preview the placement of furniture and items in the player’s house.
    • Improved management of already placed items in the house.
    • Updated Launcher for Mac (beta).
    • Improved performance on some systems.
    • Dozens of edits and fixes.

    The remastered The Elder Scrolls Online is now available to play on PC and consoles.

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