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    The creators of Fallout London have released a pack of armor and weapons for Fallout 4

    Fallout 4’s Fallout London mod is set to be a full-fledged fan-made sequel to Bethesda’s defining RPG series, and while its full release isn’t scheduled until 2023, you can try out some of its weapons, armor, and even a short quest right now.

    The Fallout London team has released a Fallout 4 mod pack containing a catalog of assets from the upcoming RPG, each with a distinctly British flair.

    There’s a Bren Gun, a cricket bat, a grenade sealed inside a cricket ball, and a Wimbledon-style tennis racket. As far as costumes go, walking around the Commonwealth in power armor can be practical, but nothing says “God Save the Queen” quite like smashing super mutants to pieces in the costume of a palace guard or even a medieval knight. You can also add a few wooden boxes to your settlements, inside which the Royal Guard will stand for days on end. Your bombed-out metal shack might not look like much, but it’s guaranteed to give it some royal prestige.

    To add all this British-style gear to your inventory, you’ll need to head to the plane crash site near Arkjet Systems and talk to the new NPC, Trader Nick, who is supposedly named after swindler Nick the Greek from Maps, Money, Two. trunk.” He will give you a short quest, and once it is completed, all the weapons and armor from Fallout London will be yours.

    Fallout London asset pack can be downloaded from here.

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