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    The creators of Dungeons of the Amber Griffin, an RPG inspired by Slavic folklore, showed the character editor

    Polish studio Frozengem Studio has released a new trailer from its first-person adventure RPG set in the dark fantasy setting Dungeons of the Amber Griffin, inspired by the Might and Magic and Legend of Grimrock series. The video shows the process of creating adventurers. The game will feature nine character classes, including warrior, rogue, priest, and mage.

    The player will have to control a team of selected champions who roam the world, destroying monsters and undergoing evolutions that prepare them for stronger opponents. The development of Dungeons of the Amber Griffin is supported by the Polish government, but the creators plan to seek help from the community through a Kickstarter campaign, which should start in the coming days. According to the plot, the main characters went in search of a griffin, which, according to legend, hid a huge piece of amber. During your journey, you will fight monsters from Slavic folklore, visit deadly dungeons and meet interesting characters.

    No release date has been set for PC yet, but the game is due out in 2023. For more information on Dungeons of the Amber Griffin, visit the game’s official website or Steam, where you can add the game to your Whishlist.

    As seen on PlayGround

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