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    The charming world of Stray has been turned into an atmospheric miniature

    Stray was remembered by many players as the main character. Here, gamers take control of a cute ginger cat and embark on an exciting “cat” adventure. However, in addition to the main character, the developers from the BlueTwelve studio also managed to realize an extremely attractive cyberman world. Enthusiast Flurdeh decided to highlight the charming side of Stray’s in-game world by taking it into a whole new perspective – miniature.

    Using additional programs, the user detached the camera from the cat and fixed it in different corners of the Stray. Using the effect of a shift lens, he created the feeling of a miniature world with frame-by-frame animation of objects and characters. Tall buildings and robots have turned into their tiny incarnations, which creates a special atmosphere.

    Stray is available on PC and PlayStation consoles.

    As seen on PlayGround

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