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    The Callisto Protocol shares a new take on the security robot

    The Black Iron Prison security robots in The Callisto Protocol seem like an overwhelming force, and the new look shows the player facing one of them.

    The Callisto Protocol comes out in early December, and fans have already seen enough to notice the enticing trappings of this sci-fi horror. Much like the original Dead Space franchise, The Callisto Protocol’s own bloody action allows players to dismember and beat mutated creatures to a pulp and vice versa.

    Enough has been shown to keep these details exciting and fresh. Meanwhile, details about the broader narrative, such as what protagonist Jacob Lee did to get incarcerated in the Black Iron Prison, are still scarce. This is probably for the best in a horror game that has so much intrigue around it, as it will make the plot more interesting. However, there is one type of enemy that can prove to be more difficult or intrusive than even a horde of mutant creatures.

    The Callisto Protocol recently offered a new take on the large security robots that players will encounter in Black Iron Prison. In the trailer for the Callisto Protocol summer game festival, these robots were teased even more in a video where one of them starts indiscriminately blowing up the heads of prisoners with a single shot from his weapon on his arm. Now, The Callisto Protocol has posted an image of Lee facing off against a security robot, along with a caption to the screenshot that reads, “Safety not guaranteed.”

    It is unknown how well players will do against the security robots in The Callisto Protocol, or if certain weapons the player has will be ineffective against them. From the way they are portrayed in the trailer, players may want to avoid them entirely due to how powerful they seem. Hand-to-hand combat is probably not recommended due to its mechanical strength.

    Either way, they look menacing and contribute a lot to how varied the enemies of The Callisto Protocol will be.

    Also, the potential idea that their programming either went haywire or was ordered to kill escaped prisoners on the spot is a fantastic premise for a sci-fi horror game set in a prison floating in space.

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