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    The blogger made a visual comparison of graphics and performance in Marvel’s Spider-Man on PC, PS4 and PS5

    The well-known blogger behind the ElAnalistaDeBits channel has published a graphical video comparison of the PC, PS4 and PS5 versions of Marvel’s Spider-Man. He noted that all versions look great. But he also made a few comments regarding the PC version:

    • This comparison was made using the latest game software, updated on August 10th, and the appropriate Nvidia 516.94 drivers.
    • The PC version allows us to adjust the FOV to achieve a larger field of view compared to the console version.
    • The game features the ability to use IGTI (Insomniac Games Temporal Injection), the same temporal reconstruction technique used in the PS5 version. However, the results are inferior to those offered by DLSS or FSR 2.0.
    • Ray tracing has some inconsistencies in the PC version. Some geometries are rendered incorrectly and reflections have more noise than the PS5 version. Nixxes has been working on this for the past few days, so it’s likely that these bugs will be fixed in the future.
    • FSR 2.0 is a huge improvement over version 1.0 but still lags behind DLSS in terms of visual quality. This is most noticeable in performance and ultra performance modes.
    • On PC, there are slight improvements in shadows, ambient occlusion, and scene texturing at maximum settings.
    • The game is quite demanding. Without a good processor or the recommended 32GB of RAM, 4K will be very frustrating.
    • Vsync sometimes didn’t work properly. Force enabling it from the Nvidia control panel might be a good workaround.
    • Changing graphics settings without restarting the game may adversely affect performance or cause crashes.

    Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is out now for PS5, with a PC version coming on August 12th. The preload has already started.

    As seen on PlayGround

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