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    The “Big Snatch” update for Crossout has been released

    Today Targem Games released an update for Crossout, both for PC and consoles. It includes a new season of Snatch, with many new parts and NK (part skins), an updated Chase mode, a redesigned teammate system, a new PvP map, as well as other innovations, improvements and fixes.

    Season’s novelties include the Tempest Autocannon, Zenitsa Optical Module, Melnik Heavy Minigun, RA-1 Veresk Rocket Artillery, Omamori Passive Defense Module, ShM-5 Lavina Mortar, Kami Cabin, NK “Kusari” on the “Small Caterpillar”, NK “Timbey” on the cabin “Bastion”, NK “Basan” on the cabin “Harpy”, NK “Amaterasu” on the combat laser “Aurora”, NK “Yari” on the autocannon “Smerch” , and New attractions for the range: machine gun and rocket turrets.

    Below are videos with the main content. Read more about fixes and improvements here.

    As seen on PlayGround

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