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    The authors of This War of Mine told why the sequel was never created

    Despite more than five years of “term”, Frostpunk is still the last work of the studio 11 bit. As you know, next year it will receive a sequel. But the previous work of the Polish developer, This War of Mine, apparently cannot count on such a continuation.

    Why? At least not because the sequel won’t sell. It’s just that 11 bit studios doesn’t want to do the same thing a second time. And they never came up with a good enough idea to justify producing This War of Mine 2.

    Przemysław Marshal, CEO of 11 bit studios, told more about this in an interview.

    As I said, we would not have done otherwise. This is one of the reasons This War of Mine 2 was never made. We thought about it many times, but the idea of ​​creating another part of TWOM never came to fruition. […] We like the “idea games” approach. Therefore, at the initial stage, the idea underlying each game, its message, is most important for us. It may seem surprising, but even when we started working on Frostpunk 2, the main initial axis was the thought of what the idea of ​​​​Frostpunk 2 would be now. It’s a very, very risky approach, but at the same time, once we get going, I hope we can make games that are very hard to copy. Ones that, like TWOM, will remain unique experiences touching specific aspects of humanity.

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