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    The authors of The Outlast Trials are going to add new mini-games “very soon”

    Red Barrel Studios, the developer of The Outlast Trials, told DualShockers in an interview that it plans to expand the game’s lobby to include even more mini-games for players to try out between stages of “real” gameplay.

    Philippe Morin, head of Red Barrel Studios, said: “We are currently working on another [мини]game. It’s almost ready and I think people will like it.”

    Speaking about the types of mini-games the team is looking to add to The Outlast Trials, Maureen said:

    On the table are ideas related to psychological testing, or ways to test players with mechanics that would be fun and at the same time fit the idea that we are brainwashing you. That is, we want to know what your psychological state is.

    Morin admitted that the studio was surprised by the popularity of the “Arm Wrestling” mini-game in The Outlast Trials, but the intention was always to create an exciting lobby.

    In addition, he revealed that the Murkhoff facility where the game takes place is located near the Havasupai reservation, where Outlast 2 took place, and that The Outlast Trials can be seen in Outlast 2:

    I don’t know if you noticed, but when you were on the other side of the lake [в Outlast 2]you could see the antenna and the object in the background.

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