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    The authors of Subnautica urged colleagues to send their games to a hospice for young people

    Developers Subnautica encouraged colleagues from other studios to send their games to Australia’s first hospice for young people. The authors have already sent several copies of the underwater survival simulator, which terminally ill patients will be able to play on the PlayStation 5,

    “Dear fellow developers. I recently met one of the nurses working at Australia’s first hospice for teens and young adults. She mentioned that they have three PS5s that patients can play on. I sent them some Subnautica codes. Maybe someone else wants to share their game(s)? Write me”, – Jess Damerstrelease manager at Unknown Worlds.

    The developers responded to the call of the studio God of War: Ragnarok, moving out, cloudpunk And Astroneer. Damerst was shocked by the responsiveness of her colleagues and thanked them for their good deed.

    “I received so much information that it’s amazing. I can not believe this. […] I was approached by PR agencies who provided keys, and several streamers who got in touch. I was shocked by the number of people. […] Initially, I spoke with one hospice worker to whom I sent the keys to our game. But when I saw the response I was getting, I thought I needed to talk to them directly. So I called them up and spoke to the person who would handle the consoles and their setup, and they were very happy. They said, “We just opened, we don’t have many games on consoles.” Like they said they only had two or three games. They were very happy.”

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