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    The authors of Project Winter presented The Walking Dead: Betrayal in the genre of social deduction

    The Walking Dead is getting a new video game adaptation in the form of The Walking Dead: Betrayal. The game will be an Among Us-style social deduction multiplayer game developed by Other Ocean Interactive, the studio behind Project Winter.

    Like Among Us, The Walking Dead: Betrayal will have players working together to overcome challenges and survive, while keeping in mind that some of the survivors may be traitors who want to destroy everyone else.

    In order to survive, players will have to work together using communications, as well as their crafting and cooking skills. Interestingly, players who die during the match are not eliminated from the game. They may return as walkers and take revenge.

    Below is the trailer for The Walking Dead: Betrayal, which gives you a look at the game’s visuals, as well as the tone you can expect from its social deduction-focused gameplay.

    The Walking Dead: Betrayal is coming to PC with a closed beta on August 10th. You can sign up for the Closed Beta on the game’s Steam page.

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