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    The authors of Lost Ark have published an update plan for the next 3 months

    Seekers! Thank you for your interest in the latest updates – Rowen, Colors of Summer and Tolheim. We want to share information about the changes that await LOST ARK in the future. We present you the plan of the next three major updates from August to October!

    The update plan was prepared in collaboration with Smilegate RPG, the developer of LOST ARK, and is our shared vision of the sequence in which updates should be installed. The plan can be supplemented and undergo changes, which we will definitely notify you about.

    We will share up-to-date information with you, and closer to the installation of each update, we will tell you in detail what changes await the game. Feel free to share your comments about localization plans on our official platforms.

    As seen on PlayGround

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