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    The announcement of the role-playing action game Monolith Requiem of the Ancients

    The new ID@Xbox storefront opened in July 2023 with a world premiere of Monolith Requiem of the Ancients, the new third-person action/RPG from Versus Evil.

    Monolith Requiem of the Ancients takes us to the magical world of Gliese – a mystical planet that is threatened by evil forces that seek to destroy it bit by bit. In the role of a brave hero, who is helped along the way by a mysterious entity, the player will have to break through the hordes of enemies, using the power of the Runic Swarm for their own purposes, which allows them to confront each enemy on equal terms in a long and dangerous journey to save the planet.

    The protagonist will use a wide range of attacks and special abilities to counter any enemies, exploring diverse and spectacular locations, not only full of pretty landscapes, but also dangerous traps and obstacles that should not be underestimated.

    In addition to the specific gameplay insight, there is also a tentative launch window: Monolith Requiem of the Ancients is slated to release on Xbox X/S and Xbox One in 2024, though there is no further word on when the game will hit the market.

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