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    The announcement of the action Bleach: Soul Resonance

    Black Moon has announced that Bleach: Soul Resonance, an action/RPG based in the Bleach universe, is coming to consoles and PC in 2024.

    The released gameplay trailer showcases arena-style combat where players fight 1v1 against an opponent. Modes, characters and systems are not detailed at the moment. However, the developer shared some information, stating:

    “All members of Black Moon Studio are big fans of BLEACH,” the developers wrote on the game’s official website. “We have kept this project very close to our hearts and it needs to be polished before the official launch.”

    Aside from a vague 2024 launch date, no other dates have been confirmed for Soul Resonance. The developers have promised that there will be several rounds of beta testing, so that eager fans can get some game time before the official launch.

    In the meantime, you can watch the announcement gameplay trailer below:

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