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    The announcement of survival in space Astrometica

    Astrometica takes the addictive gameplay of Subnautica and Planet Crafter and launches it into space. With resource gathering, crafting, and base building now set against the backdrop of an infinite universe, we’re ramping up the thrills, challenges, and rewards. Get ready for Astrometica where your space odyssey will begin.

    Immerse yourself in the vastness of space, the last frontier, where danger and intrigue lie in wait. Astrometica is an adrenaline-pumping space survival game that immerses you in the harshest environments imaginable, testing your ability to adapt, strategize and persevere.

    With a series of integrated systems, including an innovative battery system, an intuitive vehicle system, a robust crafting mechanism, and a research system, Astrometica provides an enriching and immersive gaming experience that goes beyond mere survival.

    In Astrometica, survival depends on your ability to gather vital resources such as iron, copper, and ice from the vast expanses of space. Iron and copper are invaluable for crafting, and refined ice becomes life-sustaining water. In addition, other materials are hidden in asteroids and distant stars, waiting to be discovered. The art of collecting strategic resources will test your adaptability and resourcefulness in this challenging environment.

    Crafting is at the heart of survival in Astrometica. Using collected resources such as iron and copper, you will be tasked with crafting a range of tools and items critical to your existence and progress. From simple hand tools to advanced equipment, your crafting skills will directly affect your ability to survive and thrive. The better your tools, the better your chances of survival.

    In Astrometica, you will need to create your own space base, equipped with living quarters, airlocks, observation centers and the necessary equipment. It will be your hideout and command center, providing security and strategic advantage in endless space. The design and development of your base will largely depend on your resource management and crafting abilities. Overcoming these challenges to build a thriving base will showcase your strategic skills in this intense survival adventure.

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