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    The alleged protagonist and location of the new part of Call of Duty became known

    Actor and singer Luke Charles Stafford stated that the company Activision uses his image to create the main character of the game named “Ratcliff” for the new part call of dutydue out in 2024. Stafford’s likeness was used as the basis for the character’s creation, as evidenced by images and videos of him on set with a body-scanning rig.

    Major Peter Ratcliffe is a “real” former British Army soldier who served in the Gulf War. He was awarded a medal for gallantry in combat. Therefore, the name of the protagonist suggests that Call of Duty 2024 will take place during the Gulf War. The new part will also presumably be a continuation of Black Ops: Cold War and will be subtitled Black Ops: Gulf War.

    Stafford’s remarks have sparked interest from fans of the game and are the latest in a string of leaks about Call of Duty 2024. The new game is expected to be a sequel to Black Ops: Cold War and will be released next year. Activision has not yet commented on the information leak.

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