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    The 30th update for Dead Cells called Enter the Panchaku

    Enter the Panchaku is the latest major update for Dead Cells and continues to expand the game in many ways and tweak existing features. Dead Cells is a rogue-lite action-platformer inspired by Metroidvania.

    With this update, the developers have added:

    • New Weapons: Panchaks – two frying pans tied with rope – the perfect DIY weapon to break through the island.
    • New Outfit: Bobby’s Outfit – New outfit inspired by the headless one from the Dead Cells trailers, including a flaming head.
    • New cross-over content with Soul Knight, including a magical bow that fires 5 slow-flying homing arrows, a knight costume, and a new knowledge room.
    • New Custom Mode option: Legendary Only – Turns all weapons found on a run into Legendary.
    • You can now pet your pets while in transition zones by holding the interaction button next to them.
    • Many balance changes to weapons and legendary items.

    They are also reminded of their new roadmap, according to which Dead Cells will receive updates and new content for at least another year. So there’s a lot more to come, including a boss battle mode and a lot of surprises that they haven’t revealed yet.

    As seen on PlayGround

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