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    The 10 most-used skins during the 2022 LEC Spring Split playoffs

    The competition at the top level of professional European League of Legends recently ended with G2 Esports claiming its ninth trophy. All of the players participating in the LEC battled it out during the 2022 Spring Split playoffs, even bringing some stylish choices to the Rift. 

    We went through all the LEC playoff games from March 25 to April 10 and marked down every skin used, then listed them in order of most appearances. Here are the top 10 most-used skins during the 2022 LEC Spring Split playoffs. 

    Lunar Beast Aphelios

    Aphelios was the most-used champion during the 2022 LEC Spring Split playoffs with 22 picks, and his most-used skin, chosen 14 times, is part of the Lunar Beast skin line. Released at the beginning of 2021 as part of the celebrations for the Lunar Year, Lunar Beast Aphelios along with his sister Alune praises the Bull God and are actually its progeny, placed among the squad to face last year’s Lunar Beast.

    Crime City Jinx

    Jinx was seemingly shot out of a cannon onto the Rift this split, becoming the second most-used ADC in the European competitive scene in 2022 with 16 picks. Surprisingly enough, players used her release skin the most, bringing out a skin that’s almost a decade old eight times on the Rift.

    Subterranean Nautilus and Elderwood Gnar

    Coming in third place for the most-used skins during the 2022 LEC Spring Split playoffs we have our first tie on the list. Subterranean Nautilus and Elderwood Gnar are two very different skins, both in terms of time of release and storyline. What the champions have in common is that they’ve been chosen to fight for LEC teams 13 times each. While the general public generally doesn’t like this specific Nautilus skin, pro players have been using it in the competitive scene since its release, probably because of the clear visuals of its abilities, and brought it back in the playoffs seven times. As for Elderwood Gnar, he was part of the playoffs only four times, proving that maybe there are only a few players who would want to have such a cute and disruptive force on their side.

    Duality Dragon Volibear Prestige Edition, SSG and Brave Phoenix Xayah Prestige Edition

    Just below the podium, we have a three-skin tie, with two of them being prestige edition cosmetics. First is the almighty Duality Dragon Volibear, picked eight times, who stands poised between the two drives of his core self: rage and mercy. And the other is Brave Phoenix Xayah, carrying the blessing of her unwavering heart and bringing forward her justice to whoever corrupts her world. Speaking of Worlds, the third skin in fourth place is another skin belonging to Xayah, more precisely the Samsung Galaxy skin honoring Ruler’s winning performance during the 2017 World Championship. Both Volibear and Xayah have been picked 12 times during the LEC playoffs and both skins of the Rebel have been chosen five times. 

    Cosmic Dawn Rakan, Lunar Beast Viego, Program Camille

    In reaching the halfway point of the list, we have two lovers and a lady with a heart made of metal, all chosen by their Summoners eleven times during the playoffs. Cosmic Dawn Rakan, as his lover, was picked five times, while Lunar Beast Viego landed on the Rift seven times. One helps his allies while the other brings demise to his opponents. The third skin tied in fifth place is Program Camille, the robotic assassin who will kill any human trying to use unauthorized technology has been picked seven times by LEC pros.

    SSG Jarvan IV

    In sixth place on our list, we have another skin honoring Samsung Galaxy’s win at the 2017 World Championship. Inspired and in collaboration with Ambition, Riot presented to the fans the sixth Jarvan IV skin, which, ironically, came in sixth place on our list. The champion was picked ten times during the LEC Spring Split, with this skin being used exactly half the time. 

    Base skin LeBlanc

    Another skin used five times is the base skin for the Deceiver. LeBlanc stands alone with the mirrored images of herself in seventh place on our list. Despite the Deceiver having more than 10 skins at her disposal, mid laners from the LEC preferred to use her base skin in the playoffs of the competition. 

    Jayce Brighthammer

    The Defender of Tomorrow that fans both loved and hated in the first animated series of League, landed eight times on the Rift of the 2022 LEC Spring Split playoffs, but in a different form. Eighth on our list is Jayce Brighthammer, a noble paladin who has inexplicably mastered science and engineering. The skin was released in 2016, but it has still been picked six times, double the times pro players have chosen to use his Arcane skin. 

    Base skin Ahri, Storm Dragon Lee Sin, High Noon Hecarim, base skin Renata Glasc

    In second-to-last-place, we have a four-skin tie between Storm Dragon Lee Sin, High Noon Hecarim, and two base skins of Ahri and Renata Glasc. The four champions have all been used seven times throughout the eliminatory matches of the LEC playoffs, with Renata Glasc’s base skin being picked all seven times she made her appearance on the Rift. Ahri’s base skin was picked six times, while Storm Dragon Lee Sin and High Noon Hecarim have both been picked only three times each, but still more times than their other skins used. 

    Blood Moon Thresh, Withered Rose Zeri, base skin Sylas, Elderwood Ornn

    Last but not least, we have four more skins tied in terms of appearances during the LEC playoffs: Blood Moon Thresh, Withered Rose Zeri, base skin Sylas, and Elderwood Ornn. All these champions have set foot on the Rift only six times during the LEC Spring playoffs, with Elderwood Ornn being picked five times, four times for Blood Moon Thresh and Withered Rose Zeri, and the base skin for Sylas has been chosen only three times. 

    All images via Riot Games

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