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    Thanks to the mod, it became possible to play Multiversus as Walter White

    Part of the fun of MultiVersus is guessing which of the many Warner Bros. property will get into the game next. Even though Breaking Bad isn’t even owned by Warner Bros. and unrelated to her, one of the most popular fan requests is for Walter White to join him as a playable character.

    Over the past few months, Heisenberg has become something of a MultiVersus meme, with fan-renders and Twitter accounts dedicated to requests from Player First Games to add someone who knocks on the game. While unlikely in the near future, Breaking Bad fans can at least pretend he’s present.

    According to the “Walter White For MultiVersus” Twitter account, JakeBanana’s Game Banana mod replaces Shaggy’s model with that of Walter White in his iconic yellow hazmat suit. While some mods import moves and certain character moves, this one here is just a model replacement, so don’t expect Shaggy to throw pizza or use Bunsen burners just yet.

    As seen on PlayGround

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