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    TFT team claws together Set 7 hotfix for Nami and gang following Dragonlands set launch

    A hotfix for Teamfight Tactics Set Seven will drop later today, according to design director Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, nerfing Nami and Verus while also fixing a Sylas bug.

    Nami and Verus reroll have been running the Dragonlands realm but their Astral dominance is coming to a quick end via a B-patch taking place on June 10. Scheduled to hit live servers later today, the hotfix slashes Nami’s spell damage and reduces Verus’ attack speed slightly. The TFT Set Seven 12.11 B-patch also resolved a bug tied to Sylas, ensuring the dragon is mana-locked while his shield is active.

    “We want everyone to have the best weekend possible in Dragonlands, so we will be deploying the following micropatch later today,” Mortdog said

    • Nami: Spell damage nerfed from 175/225/275 to 100/150/200
    • Varus: Attack speed reduced from 0.75 to 0.7
    • Varus: Mana nerfed from 60/120 to 75/150
    • Sylas: Dragon is now mana-locked while the shield is active

    The TFT Set Seven team is also working on an upgrade to Shyvana that is slated to drop via Patch 12.12 on June 23.

    A nerf to Nami and Varus will likely bump the Astral reroll comp from one of the best Set Seven comps to play at the Dragonlands launch to a C-tier build for now. Patch 12.12 will also address the Mage bug that is still active, potentially allowing Nami to return to the meta.

    The TFT Set Seven 12.11 B-patch will drop on the live servers later today after the update starts at 2pm CT, according to Riot.

    Update June 10 12:30pm CT: A start time for the TFT Set Seven 12.11 B-patch was added.

    As seen on Dot Esports

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