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    Textures for Elden Ring improved with the help of artificial intelligence

    Eagerly awaiting the first Elden Ring expansion, amateur developer Bardo on NexusMods used an AI-powered program to upscale over 7,000 textures in FromSoftware’s latest hit.

    An Elden Ring enthusiast used the Topaz AI Gigapixel software to dramatically improve the clarity and sharpness of textures in the open-world RPG from the makers of Dark Souls. The Bardo Dual Fanpack includes 2K and 4K textures so users can choose the mod best suited to their hardware configuration.

    The intervention of the modder affects all types of textures, from those that characterize natural landscapes, architecture and dungeons, to characters and polygonal models of individual weapons and armor. Work on this amateur extension will continue in the coming weeks with the addition of individual texture LODs to reduce their performance impact and allow them to be used on less powerful PCs.

    Here you can download this mod with all the instructions to properly install the most suitable textures for your gaming PC (2K version for those with a GPU with no more than 4 GB of VRAM, or a 4K version for those with a graphics card with 8 GB or more of VRAM ).

    As seen on PlayGround

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