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    Testament: The Order of High Human released

    Testament: The Order of High Human is an adventure game with RPG and metroidvania elements set in the fantasy world of Tessara. Players take on the role of the immortal king of the High Men and must save their realm from the betrayal of their brother Arva, who plunged the world into madness and darkness. The game offers varied sword, spell and bow combat, as well as rich platforming and puzzles.

    Players will be able to use various consumable items that have unique effects and do more than simply increase stats. Players will also be able to create these items in their inventory. The game also contains the mechanics of eyes of darkness that block the path, possess enemies of enemies, or cause darkness to come. Players must use their bow of light to destroy these eyes.

    The game tells the story of two brothers of the Higher People – Aran and Arva. One has lost everything, but stands in defense of his kingdom, while the other is ready to devour the kingdom that he rejected. Can you regain your lost power and face your brother?

    On PC, the game is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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