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    Tesla offered the creator of Her Story to port the game for an electric car for free

    Her Story, Sam Barlow’s extraordinary adventure, could be in the dashboard of a Tesla electric car; or, at least, that was the intention of the company that contacted the author about this, offering, however, to pay him visually.

    A few months after releasing the brilliant Immortality to rave reviews from the international press, Barlow revealed a curious backstory by commenting on the latest Elon Musk job rumors on Twitter.

    One day, Tesla contacted me intending to put Her Story in their cars. I asked how much they would pay me for the license and for the conversion work, and they said zero, that I should consider the attention I would receive.

    “By the way, putting Her Story in a car remains one of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever heard,” added Sam Barlow, joking about the story and prompting a string of scathing comments, including one from publisher Untitled Goose Game.

    It looks like Tesla also made the same request to the goose game team, which is something to think about.

    As seen on PlayGround

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