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    Terminator Survival Project will have an open world

    During the presentation of Nacon Connect, the developer showed a short teaser of the Terminator Survival Project, showing the iconic T-800 model. There was no date, not even a name.

    “Just a teaser for the future, but in case you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re big fans of 80s movies and our team at Nacon Studio Milan is working on the first survival game in the Terminator universe. We can’t say more yet, but it’s definitely something what to look out for. Coming to PC and consoles in the distant future,” the description of the video said.

    The Nacon Studio Milan website has a bit more information about the game. In particular, the game will be in an open world and you will play as a group of survivors of a nuclear apocalypse.

    As revealed during Nacon Connect, we are excited to announce that our next big project will take place in the world of The Terminator, one of the most popular and iconic movie franchises in the world.

    The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic open world and is an original story based on the events of the official films. You play as a group of survivors of a nuclear apocalypse who struggle to survive between Doomsday and John Connor’s resistance.

    We really don’t know much about the events between Doomsday and John Connor forming the resistance. Given that this will be a survival game, Nacon may be bringing the franchise back to its horror roots. Terminator 2 and everything after it was focused on action, while the original had elements of horror – a killing machine that does not stop until its target is destroyed. Unlike other Terminator games, you may have to run away from cars instead of killing them.

    As seen on PlayGround

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