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    Tengo Project hints at remake of 90s platformer Shadow of the Ninja

    Tengo Project, a subsidiary of Natsume Atari, has released a new video hinting at the announcement of a Shadow of the Ninja remake.

    Shadow of the Ninja is a side-scrolling action game originally released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in August 1990.

    In the video, Tengo Project composer Hiroyuki Iwatsuki meets former Natsume “super composer” Iku Mizutani in Osaka, where he tells Mizutani that Tengo Project is currently working on a remake of one of the past Natsume Atari games that Mizutani worked on, and asks Mizutani to take up music.

    Asked if he remembers what the game’s music sounds like, Mizutani plays a short segment on his guitar, which ends up being the music for the title screen of Shadow of the Ninja.

    Mizutani then plays more music as scenes from the remake are shown in short bursts, and the line “Please stay tuned!” is heard at the end.

    Below are screenshots of scenes from the remake:

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