Tekken Creator Stuns Asmongold


Tekken's Creator Is An Absolute Legend

Tekken 8 Creator Katsuhiro Harada’s Heartwarming Gesture Leaves Fans in Awe

Recently, a heartwarming story emerged from the Tekken community that truly showcases the compassion and humanity that exists within the gaming world. A player reached out to Katsuhiro Harada, the creator of Tekken, with a touching request, and Harada’s response left everyone speechless.

A Touching Request

The player shared that his brother, a passionate Tekken fan who had sadly passed away at the age of 26, had spent countless hours grinding and trying to rank up in the game. Determined to keep a piece of his brother’s memory alive, the player inquired about saving his brother’s AI ghost in the game, allowing him to continue playing against it.

Harada’s Heartfelt Response

Responding to the player’s request, Katsuhiro Harada offered his deepest sympathy and a solution to the dilemma. Harada explained that if the player downloaded and saved the ghost locally, he would be able to continue playing against it, even if the data was lost from the server. Additionally, Harada went above and beyond by offering to personally send message cards and messages to commemorate the player’s brother in any way he could.

Tekken Creator Stuns Asmongold

An Unforgettable Gesture

Harada’s compassionate response to the player’s heartfelt request truly showcases the kind and empathetic nature of gaming communities. It highlights the power of video games to create connections, preserve memories, and bring people together in times of grief.

As the story circulated within the fighting game community, fans were moved by Harada’s gesture and the sense of unity and support it fostered among players.

In times of loss and hardship, it’s heartwarming to see individuals like Katsuhiro Harada go above and beyond to make a positive impact and help others heal through the power of gaming.

Let this story remind us of the humanity and compassion that exist within the gaming world and inspire us to support and uplift one another, both in-game and in real life.

Spread the love and positivity, both on and off the screen!

Tekken Creator Stuns Asmongold

Tekken Creator Stuns Asmongold